According to the World Health Organization, every year more than 1.25 million people die and as many as 50 million of people are injured or disabled on the world’s roads. Over 90% of the deaths occur in low and middle-income countries. The risk of road traffic death is the highest in African  and especially in Ethiopia. In 2015, 23,837 road traffic fatalities occurred in Ethiopia. Children and pedestrians are among the most vulnerable road users in Ethiopia. Unfortunately, road traffic accidents in Ethiopia are predicted to rise in the coming years.

In light of the trends in road traffic accidents, the First Annual Ethiopian Road Safety Conference will convene in August of 2017. The purpose of the Conference is to bring together key stakeholders in order to discuss critical aspect of road traffic safety as well as to put forth plans to improve road safety in order to reduce fatalities and injuries in the coming years. The conference will be a forum for various professionals and stakeholders- researchers, practitioners and policy makers with an interest to reduce road traffic risks. The Ethiopian Ministry of Education mandates higher education institutions to conduct high impact conferences that will be of benefit to local communities and the nation. This conference will help develop policy  prescriptions  for the Ethiopian government relating to road safety and to perpetuate greater attention to road safety in various professional sectors as well as civil society.

Road accidents are everyone’s concern and therefore it is critical to initiate a nationwide response to reduce the risks of road travel in Ethiopia. To raise awareness of this deadly reality and develop strategies for long-lasting solutions, Jimma University in partnership with Lucy Consulting Engineers is proud to partner together in order to present the First Ethiopian Road Safety Conference with  the message: Together, We Can Save Lives  on Ethiopian Roads! The conference will be held annually hereafter.


  • To describe the impacts of road traffic accidents
  • To identify the key factors contributing to road traffic accidents
  • To create awareness about the consequences of road traffic accident
  • To underscore road traffic accident as a priority issue
  • To provide stakeholders a forum for discussion
  • To recommend long-lasting interventions

Grand Theme

Safer Roads for Sustainable Economic Development


  • Road users behavior
  • Distracted driving
  • Driving under the influence
  • Road geometric design and traffic accidents
  • Traffic accident registration practice
  • Traffic engineering technologies
  • Interventions to reduce traffic accidents
  • Integrated traffic congestion management system
  • Intelligent transport systems for road safety
  • Education and awareness of traffic accidents
  • Challenges of emergency medical services in handling road traffic accident
  • Post-crash mortality reduction
  • Private-Public-Partnerships (PPP’s) initiatives in reducing traffic accidents
  • Socio-cultural factors affecting traffic accidents
  • Economic and financial impacts of traffic accidents
  • Legal regulations and policy implications of traffic accidents