Jimma University conducted the 2nd round graduation commencement of 2016/17 academic year on July 08/2017 in the newly built mini-stadium situated in the main campus of the University. This colorfully orchestrated event was attended by His Excellence Dr.-Ing. Getahun Mekuria, Minister of Ministery for Science and Technology, Senate members of the University, Parents and invited guests.  A total of 2476 (1876 male, 600 female) students were graduated from College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, College of Law and Governance, College of Natural Sciences, and  Jimma Institute of Technology.
Prof. Fikre Lemessa, president of JU, presented the major activities and achievements JU in the academic year. He highlighted that the university has done its level best to increase students’ admission capacity and now trainins 42, 000 students in 56 undergraduate, 119 MA/MSc and 19 PHD programs.
Hand in hand with teaching and training of students’ in various disciplines, scholars at JU are also undertaking problem based and community oriented researches with direct relevance to their surrounding community and the country as a whole. In addition to   initiating the community to resolve its own problems, the findings of the scientific researches has also been used as an input in the policy making process at national level.
Dr.-Ing. Getahun Mekuria,  Minister of Ministery  Science and Technology member of JU Board of Governers and the Guest of Honor, delivered a commencement speech to the gathering. Dr.-Ing. Getahun Mekuria, in his words reminded the graduates about their expected role as of the graduation day and stressed on the importance of the unreserved contributions they should make to the development and transformation of the country.  Finally he wished the graduates a bright and successful future.
Following the commencement speech, student Guyo Cherfe, who served JU Students’ Union for the Academic year,  was recognized for contributing to the peaceful academic year and smooth cooperation with the University management.  The University also presented an award for students who stood first in the Student Research Project competition by developing a multi-purpose drone that serves various purposes.  At the subsequent stages the Senior Director of the Registrar and Student Affairs Office, Dr. Getachew Seyoum, and Deans presented the graduates in their respective colleges and outstanding students from each program have also received awards from the guest of honor His Excellency Dr.-Ing. Getahun Mekuria, and Prof. Fikre Lemessa.
The ceremony ended with awarding degrees, pins and gold medals to the outstanding graduates leaving a memorable sentiment.

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