Construction Claims & Disputes Management

This training is on contract based & legal based rights and remedies &liabilities enforcement. In the training emphasis is given on understanding and applying the crucial concepts of non-claims path enforcement, enforcement through consultation path, claims path enforcement including the very notion & concept of construction claims. The training also includes the requirements of construction claims, the construction claims management process, the transformation of claims into construction disputes and causes & methods for its settlement & resolution.

Training topics to be covered include:
• Construction & Non-Contract Enforcement
• Construction Contract Enforcement
• Construction Claims Management
• Construction Disputes Management


Upon the completion of this training, participants will be able to
• Explore the concept of non-contract enforcement as applied to construction
• Define construction contract enforcement
• Explore the scope of construction contract enforcement
• Define claim & construction claim
• Explore the bases of construction claims
• Identify the types of construction claims
• Explore requirements for construction claims
• Identify the construction claims management process & its framework
• Define disputes management system
• Recognize causes for & scope of construction disputes management system including its specific methods known as judgmental & non-judgmental


During the training, the instructor presents the topics and activities in a logical sequence allowing participants to demonstrate their experience, knowledge and skills. The training sessions will be participatory and engaging.

Training participants will be requested to work in groups on a specific topic and present to class. The training delivery activities include lectures, class exercises, group discussions, instructor-led example problem sets, lively discussions

Target Audience

The target group for the training includes construction (building & engineering sector) project, procurement & contract management professionals, lawyers working in construction and others;


Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Language: English
Start Date: 8 July 2019
Duration: 5 days
Skill Level: Advanced
Class Size: 15-30
Certificate: Yes
Fee: Includes Value Added Tax (VAT), refreshments and cost of printed training materials.


Zewdu Tefera Worke Zewdu Tefera Worke Instructor

Consultant/Lucy Consulting Engineers PLC

Construction Claims & Disputes Management

6,782 Br

BR = Ethiopian Birr

Registration Deadline: 1 July 2019

This course does not have any sections.
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