Finance for Engineers

Understanding Finance and Accounting helps your engineering career. Many engineers play an active role in the management of financial resources in their day-to-day work within the organization. Unfortunately, only a minority have financial training. This course has been designed to enable engineers to understand how to read and interpret financial statements and how to perform budgeting, estimate and control project costs. The engineer’s decisions in the financial resource management can affect the overall financial performance of the business.

Training topics to be covered include:
• The basics of Accounting
• Introduction to the basics of IFRS
• Financial reports (Balance sheet, Income Statements and Cash flow)
• Budgeting
• Sources of Capital
• Costing
• Depreciation methods
• Inventory methods
• Economic Analysis of projects (NPV, Payback period and IRR)
• Contract types and contract management


Upon the completion of this training, participants will be able to:
• Read and identify the basic financial statements
• prepare budgets
• Recognize depreciation and inventory methods
• Communicate using financial terminologies
• Calculate economic analysis of capital projects (payback period, IRR and NPV)
• Identify the types of contracts and the techniques of contract management


During the training, the instructor presents topics and activities in a logical sequence allowing participants to demonstrate their experience, knowledge and skills. The training sessions will be participatory and engaging as training participants will be requested to work in groups on specific topics and as they will present these to the class. The training delivery activities include gapped lectures, class exercises, group discussions, instructor-led example problem sets and lively discussions.

Target Audience

The course is aimed at engineers at all stages of their career who decides to deal with the financial aspects or who need to understand finance to help them work and communicate with accountants and finance professionals.


Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Language: English
Start Date: 20 May 2019
Duration: 2 days
Skill Level: Beginners
Class Size: 15-30
Certificate: Yes
Fee: Includes Value Added Tax (VAT), refreshments and cost of printed training materials.


Tsegaye Legesse (CPA/MBA) Tsegaye Legesse (CPA/MBA)

President and CEO/American Business Systems Consulting

Finance for Engineers

3,108 Br

BR = Ethiopian Birr

Registration Deadline: 13 May 2019

This course does not have any sections.
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