Pavement Design, Analysis and Management

The training begins by introducing basic principles of pavements, design life and the development of pavement distress. The training covers many aspects of pavement design, including design considerations, estimating design traffic, pavement investigation and design processes, structural capacity estimation and software available for pavement design. The principles of pavement design for flexible and rigid pavements and low volume roads for both new and rehabilitated pavements are described. The design traffic estimation section describes various methods of obtaining traffic data and the procedures for estimating the cumulative design traffic for the structural design period. The mechanistic pavement design analysis in terms of stresses, strains and deflection are included. The rutting and fatigue cracking performance evaluation criterion are described. The pavement investigation and design process sections cover material availability, performance and maintenance. The functional and structural performances of pavements are described. Economic assessments necessary for evaluating alternative pavement designs are also briefly described. The suitability of maintenance alternatives for particular pavement structure is provided.

Training topics to be covered include:
• Pavement design principles
• Pavement design considerations
• Design traffic estimation
• Pavement design process (new and rehabilitated)
• Mechanistic pavement design and analysis
• Rutting and fatigue cracking performance
• Functional and structural performance evaluation
• Pavement maintenance and rehabilitation


Upon the completion of this training, participants will be able to:
• Conduct axle load surveys
• Estimate design traffic levels
• Design pavement structures
• Evaluate rutting and fatigue cracking pavement performance
• Conduct pavement investigation
• Evaluate the functional and structural performances of pavements
• Conduct economic analysis of maintenance alternatives
• Recommend economical and long-lasting maintenance strategies


During the training, the instructor presents topics and activities in a logical sequence allowing participants to demonstrate their experience, knowledge and skills. The training sessions will be participatory and engaging training sessions will be conducted. Training participants will be requested to work in groups on a specific topic and they will present these to the class. The training delivery activities include lectures, class exercises, group discussions, instructor-led example problem sets, lively discussions and demonstration of software packages for pavement design, analysis and management.

Target Audience

The target audience for this training consists of engineering professionals working in pavement design, material testing, traffic analysis and maintenance and rehabilitation of pavements.


Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Language: English
Start Date: 20 January 2020
Duration: 5 days
Skill Level: Advanced
Class Size: 15-30
Certificate: Yes
Fee: Includes Value Added Tax (VAT), refreshments and cost of printed training materials.



Dr. Habtamu Zelelew Dr. Habtamu Zelelew

President and CEO/Lucy Consulting Engineers plc

Pavement Design, Analysis and Management

6,782 Br
access until 9/23/20

Registration Deadline: 13 January 2020

This course does not have any sections.
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