Road Asset Management(Recorded)

With scares resources and an extensive road network to maintain, highway agencies should implement innovative Road Asset Management (RAM) systems. RAM as a set of tools or methods that assist decision-making in finding optimum strategies for providing, evaluating, and maintaining pavements in a serviceable condition over a period of time. The training discusses the five general interrelated components of RAM that include pavement inventory, pavement condition, survey, database, analysis module and reporting tools. The training introduces the fundamental concepts in pavement engineering. The most commonly used RAM software that assists pavement engineers to collect and present condition measurements from road surveys, evaluating pavement condition and planning pavement maintenance and repair of road network is included. Several data collection methods involving destructive and nondestructive testing are described. The training also describes analysis of distress types followed by calculation of Pavement Condition Index (PCI) applicable to identify and select treatment types such as do nothing, preventive maintenance and rehabilitation. The training presents how PCI scores assist to prioritize and allocate maintenance budget and help a RAM engineer to make optimized decisions on which of the road sections maintenance and rehabilitation be conducted. An integrated approach is followed to discuss the key elements of RAM database that includes pavements, bridges, safety and assets. Discussions on the challenges and opportunities of adopting and implementing RAM systems in the context of developing counties are included.

Duration: 1 hr
Skill Level: Advanced
Certificate: No


Dr. Habtamu Zelelew Dr. Habtamu Zelelew

President and CEO/Lucy Consulting Engineers plc

Road Asset/Information Management System

950 Br

BR = Ethiopian Birr


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