Time Management

Time is a precious resource that cannot be replaced. Once spent it is gone forever. True! unlike money, it is gone forever. You may be thinking that, once money is spent it is also gone forever. The difference is that you can never relive yesterday whereas you can always earn more money. Time management is one of those skills that many people have to work hard at. The benefits are plain to see. It is a skill to be learned, practiced and improved upon all the time. The ability to manage our time is an important life skill. Our ability to manage time is the major thing that will make a difference to what we achieve in life.

Training topics to be covered include:
• Time management principles
• Self-assessment (Where am I now?)
• Time wasters and procrastination
• Setting goals and objectives and prioritizing tasks
• Coping with office procedures
• Paper Management Skills
• Use of the telephone and email as factors affecting time management
• Attending and running meetings


Upon the completion of this training, participants will be able to:
• Understand how you measure up in your use of time and plan your day in advance
• prioritize tasks
• Build your confidence by developing your time management skills
• Focus on the important goals- both of work and in life -to achieve success for yourself as well as your organization
• Know the essential guides to thinking and working smarter
• Focus our attention on what needs to be done and takes away the stress of having things going around and around in our minds, thus releasing energy to concentrate on the job at hand


During the training, the instructor presents topics and activities in a logical sequence allowing participants to demonstrate their experience, knowledge and skills. The training sessions will be participatory and engaging as the training participants will be requested to work in groups on specific topics and because they will present these to the class. The training delivery activities include lectures, class exercises, group discussions, instructor-led example problem sets and lively discussions.

Target Audience

The target group for this training consists of staff level employees, supervisors, managers, directors and executives of public, private and non-profit organizations.


Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Language: English
Start Date: 18 May 2020
Duration: 1 days
Skill Level: Intermediate
Class Size: 15-30
Certificate: Yes
Fee: Includes Value Added Tax (VAT), refreshments and cost of printed training materials.



Tsegaye Legesse (CPA/MBA) Tsegaye Legesse (CPA/MBA)

President and CEO/American Business Systems Consulting

Time Management

2,261 Br

BR = Ethiopian Birr

Registration Deadline: 11 May 2020

This course does not have any sections.
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